What if I told you there was a way to pay off your home in 5 to 7 years without making any changes to your income or lifestyle.  Would you be interested in learning more? 

Here is what my wife and I were able to accomplish in just after learning how to implement a little known HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) bank strategy:

We replaced our home mortgage with a HELOC that will allow us to pay off our home in 5 years or less utilizing the strategy we learned. 

We payed down our home by $10,000 in 5 months without any change in our income or lifestyle. 

Our HELOC allows us to have unlimited access to the available equity (Cash) in our home while paying it down. Basically we're our own bank. Our money works for us instead of loosing ground in a savings or checking account. 

 Who is this for?
  • People who want to pay off their home faster.

  • Real estate investors who want to tap into the equity in their properties to purchase more income generating assets. 

  • People who can stick to a budget.

  • People who have more income coming in than they have going out.  Meaning you are "Cash Flow positive."

  • People with a credit score of 640 or higher. 

  • People who have 10% equity in their home or have 10% to put down on the purchase of a home.

What this is not:
  • This is not a scam.  Do your due diligence and talk to a couple of banks and credit unions in your area. You will find that they all offer different types of HELOC's. The crazy thing is majority of them don't know how to utilize this strategy because it isn't main stream. 

  • This is not a get rich scheme. This is a pay off your mortgage strategy that works!  And I'm your proof of someone who is currently working the strategy. Unfortunately this isn't for everyone.  If your plan is to spend your equity on frivolous liabilities then this strategy isn't for you.   

Lets Talk

So now it's decision time. Do you want to continue paying the banks double for you home? Or would you rather pay it off in 1/3 the time?  Take the first step in educating yourself. Fill out the info box below and lets talk.  As a person currently working the HELOC strategy I would love to share my experience with you. Remember, action is the enemy of thought.  Take ACTION!
Here is our story.  I'm sure you can relate.

 I was looking for a better way to pay off our mortgage with our current income.  As I'm sure you are aware, once you pay off your home you will have actually payed double because of the compounded interest on a mortgage loan.  I searched all over the internet only to find the Dave Ramsey way which was to live on rice and beans and dump all of your extra income into the mortgage every month. There was also the biweekly mortgage payment and the prepayment strategy where you make an extra mortgage payment during the year. Unfortunately we aren't the, "live off of rice and beans kinda people." Hell who is?? I stick to a budget and like to enjoy life.  So right away we knew the Dave Ramsey way wasn't going to work for me. I also didn't want to manage the process of making biweekly payments or making an extra mortgage payment during the year.


So while searching on YouTube I came across some videos that peaked my interest. (HINT - The short videos are below.) After watching the videos I were skeptical because the strategy sounded to good to be true. I decided to visit several banks and credit unions in our area. What I found is most banks, if not all, offer HELOC's. (Home Equity Lines of Credit.)  Of course none of them understood the strategy I had discovered. Needless to say we took action!  We should have our house paid off in 7 years. (Our stretch goal is 5.)  Your turn!

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